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Valteishia (ワルテイシーア Waruteishīa?) Valteishia, referring to herself as "Valteishia of the Sun and Solitude," commands the Absolute Angel Megingjord (メギンギョルド Megingyorudo?). She has experienced death and reincarnation many times and is now using her fourth body. Valteishia is the current companion of Kazuya and his loyal follower. At Kazuya's command, she apparently suppresses Kū's memories of her time with Kyoshiro and stuns Setsuna so he can take her away. Additionally, Valteishia is fond of Kazuya.

When Valteishia explains how the original Absolute Angel Cielo was split into four beings, she clarifies that one of those further subdivided into its body and spirit. Kū is the body of that one Absolute Angel, while Valteishia is its spirit. Lacking a body of its own, this spirit was shunted into a Steel Angel body by Kazuya and became the current Valteishia. Valteishia apparently longs to be restored to her 'vessel', Kū, although she seems to regret some of Kazuya's acts and her own part in them. At the end of the series, she aids a wheelchair-bound Kazuya, who appears to suffer from some mental damage.


Valteisha has long, wavy blonde hair reaching all the way down to her lower legs, with a winged hat resting atop her head most always. She has a somewhat pale complexion and amethyst eyes, her body covered typically by a long black, green and white dress that pools around her feet.


Little is known about Valteisha's relations with the vast majority of the cast. However, what is known is as follows.

  • Kazuya Ayanokōji - Valteisha is Kazuya's loyal sword, evidently doing his bidding with little complaint, though she did seem to show mild remorse for what was asked of her at times(namely when she was told to help steal away the other angels). It could be read into that she harbors feelings for him, protecting and caring for him even in the end when no one else would.
  • Kū Shiratori - Valteisha's other half... Literally. While Kū kept the 'vessel' form of the pair, Valteisha- the soul of them -was ripped from her during the Seven Days of Hot Snow, leaving both feeling empty and Valteisha longing to be returned to her other half. However, when Kū shared she did not desire this, Valteisha understood and respected her wish to remain apart.


  • Her design is adapted from Valkyrie, of the anime and manga series UFO Princess Valkyrie.
  • She is the only Absolute Angel physically residing in the body of a Steel Angel.